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Summoner Wand Add-on

Summoner Wand Add-on
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This addon will add minion who will help you fight monster and a wand to summon the minion (as because the addon is still beta rn, only a few minion and a few wand, but it's still fun to use) more things coming soon

Let's start from beginning
To make the wand base we need to make the wand stick and the wand ring
Wand stick recipe:
Wand ring recipe: (it will give 3 ring enough to make all wand as of now)
Now when we have the base wand already we need to make mob essence to make the wand working
Here each 3 mob essence recipe
Zombie essence:
Creeper essence:
Skeleton essence:
Now you have the base wand time to make a working wand
Zombie wand recipe:
Creeper wand recipe:
Skeleton wand recipe:
Now you have the working wand already enjoy your wand
Other explanation:
You can spawn a mob using the wand 1 per 3 second
If there is a projectile (the mob spawner from the wand) stuck to a block, if the block were destroyed and the projectile touch another block it will summon the minion mob again, so be careful with the creeper minion as they can explode and accidentally spawn another creeper minion
The minion mob is a bit weaker than their hostile counterparts so if you start 1v1 between a minion and their hostile counterparts there will be 60% they will lose
The minion mob will have a yellow circle in their body
[Another reminder that this addon is still in beta, more thing coming soon]
Planned things to be added in the next update
-more wand (with different spawning speed) 
-more minion mob


Choose the file
Pass the adfly
Download from mediafire

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)



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