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Chameleons and Roadrunners Add-On

Chameleons and Roadrunners Add-On
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What's up , guys! I wasn't published add-on for a long time... But finally - I'm back with new add-on , that add two new mobs to MCBE. Roadrunner and Chameleon!
Note: Are you recording a video? Doing a review? Please - give me a credit and link to this page , where you downloaded add-on.
Note 2: Don't use this add-on in video type called: "OH MY GOD I FOUND/CALLED (something) IN 3 AM!!!". I really don't want to throw a complaint...
Chameleons are friendly mobs , that spawns in jungle and some forest biomes. If you want to build a zoo with them - please close area , where they living - or they will climb away. (Yeah , they can climb)
You can also tame chameleon , using spider eyes - and they will guard you and give some gifts on the morning , like a cats. To breed chameleons - use fermented spider eyes. Also if you're lucky - you can find rare white chameleon.
Chameleons will drop a new item - reptile's leather. You can make a new type of armor from this.
For everyone , who will be interested - yes , textures from Mo'Creatures mod.
Roadrunners - small birds , that will spawns in desert and mesa biomes. You can breed them with using seeds, spider eyes and fermented spider eyes. On death , or after some time - roadrunners will drop their feathers.
Textures from Alex's Mobs mod. For the moment this feathers aren't useful.
Easter Eggs:
If you watched amazing cartoon called "Rango", you may know that characters used roadrunners as rideable animals. In this add-on , if chameleons meet roadrunner - it will ride it.


  1. Download add-on.
  2. Active in game.
  3. Enjoy and have fun.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.220 (beta)



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