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[1.0.0] bum_Fauna!

[1.0.0] bum_Fauna!
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Bring your worlds to life with several new and unique animals with immersive behaviors! Why add new monsters when realistic animals can be just as dangerous as mythical beasts of legend!

Introducing the latest entry in our bum_ series of addons for Bedrock Minecraft -- bum_Fauna! 

This addon aims to add new and intelligently designed animals to your worlds without straying too far from the vanilla Minecraft look and mechanics. As of this version there are six new mobs included, each with their own unique behaviors, and interactions with other mobs! We've done our best to pay attention to detail and make these mobs feel alive and as though they're actually part of the ecosystem. Some animals will hunt other species, while some will tolerate some animals in their radius, while chasing away others - we're making sure that bum_Fauna is one of the most immersive and creative animal addons available for bedrock Minecraft!

We plan to maintain and update this addon often in the future with more animals, items, and features! Leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below and help us expand and improve this addon! Your feedback and criticism helps us grow!

Without further delay; here are the current features of bum_Fauna!

---- Fireflies!

First up are the mysterious and evocative Fireflies! Some of you may recognize these fireflies from their independent addon, bum_Fireflies! These are functionally identical to the standalone fireflies, with the exception that these fireflies will flee from animals that eat them (which unfortunately - is a lot of animals). They can be found across the warm areas of the overworld at night time and are easily identified by their abdomens that flash between dark and glowing!  Once daylight arrives, Fireflies will find a shady place to hide from the sun until night rises again!
If you're like me and think that fireflies are just irresistibly adorable, you'll be happy to know that you can catch fireflies in glass bottles! Simply interact with a firefly while holding a glass bottle and you will be given a "Bottled Firefly"! You can use this item anywhere to release the captured Firefly for easy decoration of gardens, cave builds, etc! Soon we'll add the ability to decorate your builds with a bottled firefly block as well!

---- Dragonflies!

Let's face it - Dragonflies are total bros.  They eat pests by the hundreds and to top it off; they look so cool!  In this addon, Dragonflies are no different!  Dragonflies can be found in four different color variants and can be caught with leads. They're most often found in swamps, but are also common in open plains biomes during daytime! 
Dragonflies will attack and eat other insects including Fireflies, Mosquitos, and even Bees!  Friend or foe? Pest or Pest Control?  This is for only you to decide!

---- Mosquitos!

Everybody HATES Mosquitos, so it's only natural that we include them! They're one of the most widely distributed, and widely recognized pests in the world and are one of the most notorious spreaders of disease and illnesses in the animal kingdom. Just like in real life, these vampire insects can be found in swamps and in addition to drinking your blood/health - they'll steal your experience too!  So let's maybe avoid going AFK at night..
Mosquitos can be found in most warm biomes at night, but are fortunately only particularly common in Swamp biomes. Mosquitos will feed on cows, pigs, and sheep, but prioritize players first and will always be able to locate the nearest prey for them to feed upon!

---- Geese!

The fearsome Goose. They're territorial waterbirds that are best described as an unholy combination between a duck and a cobra. As many urban park-goers might already know, Geese can be aggressive when approached by humans or other animals that they don't like. Just like in real life, Geese in this addon are temperamental and do not appreciate their personal space being violated! Any players, wolves, monsters, or cats that get too close will find themselves under an angry feathery assault from all nearby Geese -- you heard right, they cooperate with eachother. Who will stop the Goose menace?
Geese will hunt and prey upon Fireflies, Bees, and Dragonflies and can be found in plains and rivers. In addition this, agriculturists will be happy to know that Geese can indeed be tamed! To tame a goose, approach a wild Goose and interact with it while holding Bread. After the Goose has been tamed, it will no longer attack you or other players. Tamed Geese will only attack undead monsters instead! Coupled with their honking; you can make a couple Geese into a pretty handy alarm system! Lastly, to Tempt and Breed geese, you can use most varieties of seeds! WARNING:  Baby Geese are ADORABLE LITTLE BOBBLEHEADSASDFJKREEEEEEEEEEEE.   Also includes honk sounds!

---- Ravens!

Arguably one of the highlights of this entire addon are the Ravens! Ravens are intelligent birds that can be found across the warm overworld biomes. They're intelligent social animals that will form flocks, attack in groups, defend eachother from danger, and even use items.  You heard me.  Let me explain.  Ravens are kleptomaniacs as much as they are intensely curious birds. This is true in both real life and in this addon. Because of their curiosity and urge to steal, Ravens will pick up and carry away any items that it finds on the ground. This includes weapons, such as swords.  If a Raven attacks while holding a sword it picked up, it will do damage as though it was attacking with that sword. This works for all vanilla and modded weapons!  In addition to this, Ravens will eat any food that they pick up, which will effect them with whatever effects that food would normally effect a mob with. It's important to know that Ravens will always prioritize food over items. If a Raven stole your OP Axe and you want it back without conflict; consider dropping some food on the ground to get it to drop the weapon long enough to eat, and for you to get your weapon back! 
Ravens will naturally flee from players and villagers, and will only attack if you've attacked one of them first. They prey upon Fireflies, Dragonflies, Bees, and Mosquitos! While they're normally passive to human mobs, Ravens have a very deep hatred for Undead mobs and will attack any Undead mobs on sight!  Ravens can be tamed with shiny things such as Diamonds, Emeralds, and Gold/Silver Nuggets. They have a pretty low tame chance and are hard to chase down, so be ready to spend a few diamonds if you want to tame one!  Once tamed though, your Tamed Raven will attack monsters that you attack, sit on your shoulder, and repel any undead monsters that come near!  Lastly, if you want to Breed Ravens you can do so using Sweet Berries!  Makes noisy Raven caws, too!

---- Raccoons!

Raccoons, otherwise known as Trash Pandas, are nocturnal marsupials that prey on insects and trash! As in real life, so in this addon! Raccoons can be found at night and will sleep during the day. They're remarkably quick and skittish, being super quick to flee from approaching players. They're most often seen in forests and villages where they can be found chasing Fireflies, Chickens, or Geese. Raccoons can be tamed, however the process is a bit difficult.  First you'll want to capture and breed two wild Raccoons using Sweet Berries (they're tempted with Sweet Berries as well to make the process easier). The baby Raccoon can then be tamed using either Rotten Flesh, Chicken, Salmon, or Apples. Be quick though! Once the Raccoon becomes an Adult, it will no longer be possible to tame it.  
Tamed Raccoons are one of the most useful mobs you'll have around! They can be made to sit/stay like dogs, but in addition to this Raccoons can be used as garbage disposal! While holding a junk item, interact with your tamed Raccoon and it will eat the junk item and sometimes give you 1xp in exchange! This provides an immersive and rewarding way to get rid of all of those stacks of Rotten Flesh, Fermented Eyes, Bones, Dirt, Sticks, Gravel, and more! 

In Addition to being living xp farms, Raccoons can be hunted for their pelts! Raccoon Pelts are items dropped when a Raccoon dies and can be used to craft a Trapper Hat! The Trapper Hat is styled after classic Coonskin Hats with the tail piece! Check it out!

This addon also makes bats spawn at night in the overworld and bees can now spawn anywhere in the overworld sometimes! 

... And that's about everything at the moment!

This addon was created by Clouddspiderr and Vex of TeamBumble and you are free to use this addon however you would like - as long as you give credit and provide a link to this mcpedl page. This includes the freedom to make videos, use in modpacks, and modify the code for.   Just provide credit!

Remember to turn on all three experimental toggles:

Please enjoy this addon and don't hesitate to leave feedback! 
Expect updates soon with more critters, features, and other nifty things!

Stay safe and have fun!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • RTX Beta
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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