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Morningstar War Pack V1

Morningstar War Pack V1
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon is developed by Morningstar Defence MCBE and its an addon that has been made to improve the gameplay of the MCBE MILSIM RP . This addon has 9 3D weapons, 5 vehicles and 1 custom terrain map
This addon is multiplayer friendly.
This addon is multiplayer friendly.
  • BTR-80
Features of BTR-80:-
  1. 9 Seater APC.
  2. Floats in water.
  3. Realistic Animations.
  4. Working Cannon.
  5.  Uses 30mm Shells.
  6. Cannon can only be controlled by the second seat.
  7. Originated from Soviet Union.
To spawn a BTR-80- /summon apc:btr80
To get Cannon Shells- /give @s Shell:30mm
  • M-939
Features of M-939:-
  1. 12 Seater Truck.
  2. Realistic Animations.
  3. Originated from United States.
To spawn a M-939- /summon truck:m939
  • Land Rover
Features of Land Rover:-
  1. 3 Seater Jeep.
  2. Realistic Animations.
  3. Medical Jeep.
  4. Originated from United Kingdom.
  5. Fastest vehicle in the addon.
To spawn a Land Rover- /summon jeep:landrover
Features of HUMVEE:-
  1. 4 Seater HUMVEE.
  2. Realistic Animations.
  3. Originated from United States.
To spawn a HUMVEE- /summon truck:humvee
  • Speed Boat
Features of Speed Boat:-
  1. 9 Seater boat.
  2. Realistic Animations.
  3. Can be pulled by a Leash.
  4. Design of the boat is inspired from the S.W.A.T Boat.
To spawn a Speed Boat- /summon boat:speed_boat
All guns have both 3rd and 1st person reload, holding and shooting animations.
  • AK-47
To get gun- /give @s rifle:ak47
To get magazine- /give @s rifle:ak47mag
  • MK-46
To get gun- /give @s lmg:mk46
To get magazine- /give @s lmg:mk46mag
  • P-90
To get gun- /give @s smg:p90
To get magazine- /give @s smg:p90mag
  • M-24
To get gun- /give @s sniper:m24
To get magazine- /give @s sniper:m24mag
  • AA-12
To get gun- /give @s shotgun:aa12
To get magazine- /give @s shotgun:aa12mag
  • RPG-7
To get rpg- /give @s rpg:rpg7
To do a reload- /give @s rpg:rpg7reload
  • Browning Hi-Power
To get gun- /give @s pistol:bhp
To get magazine- /give @s pistol:bhpmag
  • Korshun Knife
To get knife- /give @s knife:korshun
  • C-4
To get explosive- /give @s explosive:c4
To get diffuser- /give @s equipment:diffuser
  • Instructions:
  1. All guns are eat gun item to shoot and eat mag item to reload.
  2. To plant a C4 you must eat the item.
  3. Only ak47, m24 and p90 have scope/sight animations.
  4. Some guns don't work while sitting inside some vehicles.(its an feature not an bug)
A beautiful 1024x1024 sized map with trees and mountains. The maps name is Grimrog
This addon requires the latest version of minecraft.
  1. No one is allowed to share our mediafire link to any social media platform(which includes Twitter, Youtube, Omlet Arcade, Discord,etc). You will only share the MCPEDL link of the addon.
  2. No one is allowed to make their own links which directs the user to our addon (it includes linkshortners).
  3. You are not allowed to reupload this addon in any website or app.
  4. Always credit us when showcasing our addon.
  5. You are not allowed to reverse engineer, edit or use assets from our addons.
*Failing to follow these simple rules will result into legal actions.


For .mcaddon:
  1. Click on the downloaded file .
  2. A pop up will appear and click on mineceaft.
For .zip files:
  1. After Downloading please decompress the files using a file manager app.
  2. Copy Behavior Pack and paste it in games/mojang/behavior folder.
  3. Copy Resources Pack and paste it in games/mojang/resource folder.
  4. Open your Minecraft and enjoy.
Applying the addon into your world:
  • Before applying the packs you must enable holiday creator features in the world settings-
  • Make sure you have enabled view bobbing, camera shake and disabled hide hand in your video settings.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.200



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