Addons for Minecraft PE
Cultivating plants is boring you say? Why not try this add-on then.
This add-on introduces new crops to cultivate in your land. What? You thought it was food? Take a closer look to see what they really are.
This add-on unlocks new crops that you can grow in your garden. They are not food items but instead are resource items like Iron, Coal and even Diamond.
All crops introduced in this add-on have 5 growth stages before the plant can be harvested. Worry not, you will never lose your seed ever again since it is guaranteed to always drop 1 seed of your crop choice. Unfortunately though, they can't be harvested using water but at least piston's might do the work?
There's 2 basic seeds in this addon, 1st is the Dirt Seed and the second one is the Stone Seed
The Stone Seeds will then allow you to craft the other types of seeds which are:
  • Coal Seeds
  • Iron Seeds
  • Gold Seeds
  • Emerald Seeds
  • Diamond Seeds
  • Blood Seeds
  • Frost Seeds
  • Wither Seeds
  • Netherite Seeds
  • Graphirite Seeds
  • Redstone Seeds
  • Blaze Seeds
  • Ender Seeds
  • Slimy Seeds
  • Lapis Seeds
A very crucial item in this add-on, you will not be able to craft any of the higher crops without them. Some of them are craftable but the others can only be obtained through killing mobs.
The most valuable of them all is the item called Nature's Blessing which will allow you to craft the very first seeds you need in this add-on. It can be obtained through killing CreepersThe Wither or you can also get this as a Gift from your cat.
Apart from Nature's Essence, other essences such as Diamond Essence and the likes can be used to craft Item show below.
Most of them is can be used just like shown below.
Creepy you say? Not really. Souls can be used as a crafting material for Spawn Eggs. You heard me right, you can use them to craft spawn eggs such as creepers, zombies and what not. Of course a tedious process is needed to be done first such as brewing stinky liquids in the brewing stand using Rotten Flesh then turning that to viral liquid using Zombie's Life Essence. Souls are also vital in crafting the Cleansed Soul Vessel that's also one of the recipe in crafting Spawn Eggs.
Cleansed Souls can be obtained by surrounding a holy potion with eight(8) Corrupted Souls. There's also a chance to get it from a zombie when you use a sword with looting enchant but that is a very tedious process to undertake.
A new POTION TYPE item introduced in this add-on. Yes you can drink it while it can also be used to cleanse Corrupted Souls. It can be made by turning water into Wicked Potion using Corrupted Soul and turning that potion to Holy Potion using Golden Apple.
Drinking wicked will give you tons of Negative Effects such as Wither, Slowness, Mining Fatigue, Hunger, Weakness, Poison, as well as Bad Omen. You can also drink Holy Potion if you like but...
BEWARE! Drinking a Holy Potion will also give you a NEGATIVE STATUS EFFECT which is Hunger along side powerful effects.
Wicked Potion
Holy Potion
Nuggets, Bits and Shards
New additions by this add-on, they are also vital in crafting the new seeds. Worry not for they can be reverted back to their original form as shown below.
The COAL BITS added in this add-on is can be used as fuel to furnaces, 8 of them is almost equivalent to 1 piece of coal. Unfortunately though, the CHARCOAL variant of this is not yet implemented.
There's 2 new armor added in this add-on, they are Redstone Armor and Graphirite Armor(stronger than Netherite? Maybe). Redstone Armor can be crafted using Redstone Ingot which you can craft by combining Heated Redstone Dust(Cooking(?) Redstone Dust in the Furnace) as well as a piece of Iron Ingot. Redstone Armor is much better than Iron at this point, almost as strong as a Diamond Armor.. or maybe Stronger than Diamond?
Graphirite Armors on the other hand is can be crafted by combining Netherite Ingot and Graphirite Scrap(which you can obtain by killing the wither) then adding the Graphirite Ingot to your armor of choice. It offers a much better knockback resistance than Netherite and that's all since this is just an optional item to get to begin with.
Most of the items in the add-on are can be found in the crafting menu. Go to the search option and just toggle the crafting table thing on the side of the search box and search for what you want to craft.
Almost forgot, this thing seems to be not showing up so I'll put here how it is crafted, you will need this if you want to craft SPAWN EGGS.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200



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