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Aneeva World Explores

Aneeva World Explores
Addons for Minecraft PE
Introducing a brand new minecraft add-on that will add even more survival fun to the game, and this add-on supports the newest minecraft version, You can share this to your allies, but please refer others to this MCPEDL post

Aneeva World Explorer is an add-on that will add a whole new feel to the game, and will contain features that will make sense to added into the game from obtain, transform or the functions.

Features :

  • New Chickens
  • New Cows
  • New Piggies
  • Ladder Back Chairs
  • Mooblooms
  • Soil Dirt & Grassy Soil
  • Salted Sand (Use shovel to obtain salts).
  • Wooden Rectatable
  • Window Curtains (Touch to open & close it)
  • Sakura Trees (Normal & Flowering)
  • Rectatable & Window Curtains New Variant
  • Wooden Crate Stack Structures (Very Rare)
  • Checkered Block & Checkered Carpet

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.220 (beta)



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