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Craftable Name Tags

Craftable Name Tags
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One simple change: a new crafting recipe for nametags.
In Bedrock Edition, mobs can despawn very easily if very specific conditions are not met. A Name Tag is a great way to stop this from happening. However, nametags are quite uncommon and difficult to come across. This add-on adds a cheap recipe for nametags to make them much more accessible.
The recipe is both cheep and simple. It only requires 2 paper and 1 tripwire hook. As shows in the image below, the inputs must be places in the specific orientation with paper in the bottom left, paper in the middle, and paper in the top right. 
Putting the items in any other position, even if they are the correct amount, will not result in a nametag.
An option to craft a nametag will show up in the left handed option so you do not need to have the recipe memorized, just have the needed inputs. Using the left menu, you can even mass craft nametags, the same way you would any other item.
After going through many different possibilities for recipes I ended up on this one because it was easy and also not laughably cheap. Nametags are useful items but are normally quite difficult to obtain. In an attempt to keep some game balance, I didn't want to make nametags too cheap. This is why I decided to use a tripwire hook instead of string. It makes the net price of nametags include some iron. I believe this is this a fair price for a item that is normally rare and yet also very useful.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16



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