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Bedrock Tweaks

Bedrock Tweaks
Addons for Minecraft PE

Improve your Game Experience with Bedrock Tweaks.
A custom pack picker to allow you choose whatever you want in the game!

A Complete Unofficial Port of Vanilla Tweaks  to Minecraft Bedrock/MCPE/MCBE/Win10/XboxOne/PS4/Switch/Android/iOS
200+ Resource Packs
15+ Addons 
20+ Crafting Tweaks

Here is the proof that I'm allowed to use and redistribute this rework of the Java version to Bedrock Edition.
All needed information is in the link below this text.

A lot of small tweaks to improve your game experience from small texture quirks to a little bigger things as improved recipes or mechanics.
Choose only the features you want from them and download them All In One file with the website selector system.


Containing new textures and fully functional MINIBLOCKS!
Here are some example of the new available resource packs and addons.
Variated Bricks and Compass Lodestone
Dirt Background

A lot of new Menu Panoramas including Old Minecraft Versions, and other customs
Gem Villagers (They trade Treasure Gems for Mini Blocks)
Treasure Gems (To trade with the Gem Villagers)
Wandering Trader (adds mini block trades (and Hermit Heads if you choose them) to the WT Trades)
And as said above the whole set of Mini Blocks, Included in Wanderig Trades and Gem Villagers
Craft the Mini Blocks to get a wereable helmet, and craft them back to get the placeable Mini Blocks.
Placeable in all directions without any tools, same as vanilla heads!

All of it available right now!

Resource Packs 

You can choose a lot of things from Redstone Improvements

 Passing through some small game fixes
Tweaks to find ores faster
Dark UI, Brewing Cheat Tables, Alternative Enchant Glint

Quick Crafting

Hunger Preview

Fully Grown Kelp
Darker Dark Oak Leaves

Glass Doors and Trapdoors

Unique Dyes

Zombiefied Piglin back to Zombie Pigman

Shorter Swords

Emhhh, idk... this...

Dungeons Creepers

Super Smash Bros Enderman

Dungeons Dirt, Terracotta and Stone

Variated Dirst and Grass

Variated Birch Logs

Variated Red Mushroom

Variated Bookshelves

 And a lot more!



Offering different tweaks as Graves

Percent Customizable Multiplayer Sleep
2 Players, 100% Required

2 Players, 1% Required

Afk Display

Different Anti Mob Griefs

Villager Death Notifier

And more, and more!


Crafting Tweaks

Back to Blocks


Universal Dyeing

Straight to Shapeless

Craftable Gravel

Craftable Notch Apple

Powder to Glass

Rotten Flesh to Leather

And more, More, MORE!!

Download Available Right Now on Bedrock Tweaks Website!!

Any issues with this packs report them to DrAv0011 and not to the Vanilla Tweaks Team, Xisuma Void or MCPEDL.
For Bugs, Updates, Requests or any issue regarding Bedrock Tweaks

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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