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Frost Valley Biome

Frost Valley Biome
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Are you a fan of the snow Biome in Minecraft then this add-on is for you as it brings a new Biome called the Frost Valley to the game. This biome is packed with new mobs, features and adventures.

Frost Valley:
This biome was cursed by the ice age and was left covered with eternal snow. Due to this new species started to born in this area making it a quite dangerous biome.
Frozen Zombie:
This zombie spawns in the Frost Valley and are probably the undead citizens after the ice age.
Artic Foxlin:
This mob is a custom mob which roams in the Frost Valley and is quite dangerous.
Artic Foxlin Brute:
For a tough fight the Foxlins hired a brute to execute each entity which they don't like.
Snow Fox, Bison and Snow Sheep:
These mobs are passive and can be a source of useful items. 
This long monster is extremely hungry and feeds on flesh. It drops Wendigo bones which can be used for crafting a special weapon.
This big monster is extremely strong and not to be messed with.
Tools and Weapons:
Frezynite tools: This tools are decent to use but have a longer durability.
Frezynite sword:
Frezynite picaxe:
Frezynite Shovel:
Frezynite Sythe:
Frezynite Hoe:
Frost Saber:
Starvation blade (wendigo sword):
Frezynite bident:
Frezynite dagger:
Frezynite Armor:
Artic Fox Armor:
Other Features:
Frezynite Crystals and ore, wendigo's bones, Artic Fox hide


Turn on experimental gameplay then on both resource and behavior pack. If the biome does not spawn check nearby or create a new world. If at all any doubts or bug please comment on my YouTube channel for more details.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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