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Godzilla vs Kong Addon

Godzilla vs Kong Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
GODZILLA vs KONG is now available on MCPEDL.
Witness the two Titans battling each other in your world.
Don't forget the other Titans Which of them are good and which of them is bad.


There are over 10+ mobs in the addon 
Let's start with:


After defeating Ghidorah/Monster zero and become as the king of the monster, an upcoming confrontation with another king looms.
Health: 1000000
Attack: 34000
Tail attack: 99000
Atomic breath (per hit): 24000

Armored Godzilla

Health: 1000000
Attack: 38000
Atomic pulse: 99000
Atomic breath (per hit): 30000

Kong (2021)

Being one of his kind, another great challenge will come 
Health: 900000
Attack: 32000
Critical attack: 99000
Heavy punch: 99000
Note: there's a mob called Kong Godzilla allie, same stats as Kong 

Kong (with an axe)

A legendary weapon made by kong ancestors on the hollow earth, A weapon against godzilla.
Health: 930000
Attack: 38000
Critical slash: 99400
Heavy slash: 99400
Note: there's a mob called Kong with an axe Godzilla Allie. Same stats as Kong with an axe

Mecha Godzilla

Build by Apex, the ultimate destroyer and the Anti Titan.
Health: 1265000
Attack: 40000
Critical attack: 50000
Proton Scream(per hit): 30000

Muto Prime/jinshin mushi

Health: 995000
Attack: 36000
Atomic smash: 99400
Sonic roar(per hit): 25000
Note: there's a normal type called MUTO(female)

Ghidorah/Monster 0

Fell from the stars, one who awakens the Titans around the world and challenge godzilla from death battle.
Health: 999000
Attack: 42000
Wing lightning: 99990
Gravity beam(per hit): 27000
Note: Ghidorah/Monster zero can fly.


The fire demon
Health: 750000
Attack: 9500
Aerial shockwave: 95000


The queen of the monster
Health: 500000
Attack: 8500
Godray: 90000


Health: 880000
Attack: 9830
Barrel roll: 94300

Mokele mbembe 

Health: 750000
Attack: 37000


Health: 800000
Attack: 22000
Group smash: 85000


Health: 850000
Attack: 25000


Health: 500000
Attack: 35000

Titan skull crawler 

Health: 600000
Attack: 25000
Note: there are two skull crawlers(smaller versions).
  1. Juvenile skullcrawler
  2. Skull devil


The hollow earth snake titan 
Health: 95000
Attack: 4800


Both have the same health.
Health: 100

Monarch soldier 

Apex soldier 


Turrets that can penetrate a titan.
  • Monarch turret
  • Apex turret
  • Titans detector (can detect the Titans, inside or outside with the range of 256 blocks).

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)



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