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Raw Metals Concept (Bug Fixes)

Raw Metals Concept (Bug Fixes)
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Remember the raw metals that appeared in the 21w14a Java Edition snapshot? Thus, this addon will provide an opportunity to test them in the bedrock version. Of course, in the future they will be added to the game officially, but with the concept earlier.

First, you need to find the usual ore from the minecraft, then put it in the workbench and get three pieces of raw metal.
Next, just put these pieces in the furnace or in the blast furnace, after you get clean ingots. I also want to note that the enchantment for fortune does not work on ores, so three pieces of raw ore will be made from each ore
The textures were taken directly from the minecraft java files. You can convert all the metal ores from the original game into pieces, i.e. copper, iron and gold. 
However, I do not know if you will like this mod, since most of the minecraft audience did not approve of this idea with ores.
In the 21w15a snapshot, new raw ore textures and raw ore blocks have been added. I added these things to my addon. To make new blocks of raw metals, you need to connect 9 of any raw metals in the workbench, you will get one block. It can also be converted back into ore:
New ore textures:


This mod is only for version

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.220 (beta)


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