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Ocean Survival Challenge

Ocean Survival Challenge
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Think you've got what it takes to beat the Ocean Survival Challenge? The endless waves of drowned zombies and the limited wood options will put your survival skills to the test!

Have you already conquered the Nether? Dominated the End and crushed the Ender Dragon? Well then... this next challenge is for you...

What's the challenge?

The Ocean Survival Challenge is simple:
  1. You can only breathe water.
  2. You have to beat Minecraft on survival mode (any difficulty).
Because I'm not a complete sadist, I've granted you a permanent conduit power buff while underwater. That means that your mining speed and underwater vision won't be complete garbage while you're fighting for your life.
It's up to you to figure out how to survive and thrive in Minecraft survival mode! Where are you going to find wood for your tools? How are you going to mine ores without caving? And on top of that, what about all of those drowned zombies that keep spawning both day and night???

A little help

This task might be quite difficult, it not impossible, without some way of breathing for extended periods while on land. Well, thanks to the Waterlogged Glass Helmet, now you can!
Crafted from glass panes and a bucket of water, this helmet will fill your fish-like gills with water all the day long, allowing you to breathe while on land–just like regular folk! But be warned, this thing is made out of glass and is therefore extremely fragile. Just a couple of knocks will send it shattering, leaving you gasping for air! Maybe bring a spare or two for those Nether expeditions, hey?

Getting started

To use this addon:
  1. Install the addon into Minecraft.
  2. Create a new Survival world.
  3. Activate the Ocean Survival Challenge behaviour pack.
  4. Under Experiments, enabled Holiday Creator Features (this is important!).
  5. Start your game!

Important note

On some slower devices, you might find that when you finally log in to your world that you're already dead... This is because the game was technically running for a few seconds during loading, cutting down your time to reach a safe body of water. Remember: you can't breathe air! Don't fret—just respawn, look for any source of water and run, run, RUN!
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Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16



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