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Dirt Stuff

Dirt Stuff
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Do you have too much dirt that you can't find any use for? Did you ever feel that there are too few swords in Minecraft? Then this addon is just what you need!

This addon adds a lof of stuff that you can make with dirt. First of all you must make a dirt ingots. Just smelt dirt blocks to get them:
here's how it looks (the textures on the screenshots are laggy because there's something wrong with my pc)
Now you cam make:
•Reinforced dirt block - it has hardness and blast resistance just like stone block
•Dirt Pickaxe (it has durability=25, which is less than gold)
•Dirt Sword - same durability as pickaxe. It's a little better than no weapon at all, but its damage is less that the wooden sword
Here are all of the current items in game
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16



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