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Revamped Vanilla Mobs V3 (1.16 and 1.16.200 Versions!)

Revamped Vanilla Mobs V3 (1.16 and 1.16.200 Versions!)
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Have you've been wanting to play an add-on that just adds on to the Vanilla experience without adding or breaking too much? Or do you want an add-on that you'll actually play with throughout the entire Minecraft Progression? Introducing Revamped Vanilla Mobs where namely nearly all the mobs (except tameable mobs because who would kill a dog or cat for things) drop different items!

Credit to textures 

Dwimmy D Eisencarter #8607 (Discord) - Made some of the textures
Theidotsrebel - Check out their add-ons! - Made some textures as well


If using with another Addon Please put the other addon on top!

Please Inform me with which addons I should make this compatible with as I can easily combine the loot pools with the addons prefered rarity!


Since this add-on nearly changes all the mob's loot pools I'll show a few choices of both passive to hostile mobs from the strange to the more common!

V3 Changes!

Select a Version. I included the older version for simplicity. (Only pick 1)

New Items and Reworks

New items, look below for more Info (Creeper, Ender Dragon)

Passive Mobs 



Uncooked Meat Chunk

Drops from nearly Everything

Can be Cooked
Can also be crafted into Meat Kebabs that after you eat gives you the stick back


Drops Pork Chunks, Pork, and Bacon

Pork Chunks

Can be Cooked (duh)

Chicken Nuggets

This addon isn't too in-depth with the food recipes so I can change this recipe depending on what other addons I make this compatible with. 


Can also be cooked

Fried Eggs 

Make it with an Egg in a Furnace


Bacon & Eggs 

Can be combined with a Fried Egg to make Bacon & Eggs



Drops Drumsticks which are cookable and will drop the bone once eaten.


Fish and all related "seafood" will drop seafood chunks
You can craft these into 

Seafood Kebabs

Polar Bears

They probably have the most varied loot table but if you're struggling for food in the Tundra they are options...


Make Carpet or Spindles of String


As of request from 


I changed up the Bats drops, 

Bats originally only dropped meat chunks but in V2 they'll now drop...

Iron Berrys (A common drop from silverfish and dolphins) Meat chunks, and bat wings. 

Bat Wings!

Put them on a stick

And cook em

Instead of giving you a penalty for eating this, you'll get buffed up since bats are very rare and the batwing drop isn't 100% guaranteed. 
It'll give you a mining boost! (But not too much of)


Slimes (Starts a bit more Jumpy)

Once Broken Apart they'll jump high and glide around. 

Loot Table

Goop! (Jump Like a slime!) 30 Sec


Loot Pool 

Creeper Chops (V3)

Suggested by 

Become the Creeper with the Creeper Chop (Side effects included) Lasts 15 seconds 


and a few other things they can hold


Now they can rush you with a bone block and use a crossbow

Cave Spiders

Cave spiders can also drop Iron/Coal ore but you have to kill them for it. Also, they still drop spider eyes lol

Spindle of String

Can be Crafted
Can be Uncrafted (Main use)
Can be crafted into Wool

Poison Sacs 

Drops from both Cave Spiders and Pufferfish
Makes Potions of Poison without a Brewing Stand
Or Poison Arrows


Drops A lot of End Related shards (Separate Loot table Enderpearl not affected)
These Shards can make there respective items OR make a shulker shell!

Ender Dragon 

Drops 10 - 23 Dragon Scales!

Dragon Scales are important for end Recipes



Cook the Dragon Egg!

Gives 90 seconds of Regen and Health Boost

Shulker Shell

"Renewable" Now 

Version Differences

1.16.0 Mode, Same as before with new features

1.16.200 Mode

  • Recoded to be more compatible with the Newer Versions of Minecraft
  • Categorized Foods!
  • Sharp Bone actually does damage and is enchantable, durability at 30 which is very low!
  • Enchantable too
  • Less Storage
And like a lot more mobs including the strangest like Piglins/Hoglins/Elder Guardians/Silverfish/Endermites/Foxes
Bees will have a loot drop when there is a compatible add-on suitable. 
Please Suggest or Tell me if I should add any loot from other addons, or if they interfere!
Also if there is another addon with the same foods I'll put (RVM) after my food object so you know whos who.
Don't reupload and please ask if you can modify
Also please link this page if you're making a video, I also would love to know too so I can check it out. 


If I make a compatibility update please put that addon ON TOP OF the other 2 addons
Otherwise Normal Download
The Resource Pack is on MediaFire so you don't have to watch or go through ad websites twice because that really bugs me when I download addons.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16



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