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Speedrun Addon v1.1.00

Speedrun Addon v1.1.00
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on makes your Minecraft easier, it's not baby mode. It really helps if you are short on time. 
Because of this addon, you are like Dream. Where all the items you get are very easy. You are able to create the end portal without looking for stronghold easily!
Use of this addon:
Getting obsidian is easy 
Creating the and portal without looking for a stronghold 
Changing recipes, furnace, and others 
1 Op Netherite Helmet Op netherite helmet? What is that? Is it easy to get? Looks like it's just ordinary helmet. It is made with netherite ingots, you can get netherite ingots by cooking iron ingots. Cooking iron? 
2 Super Food Super food? What is that? Looks like it's hard to come by. You can get superfoods by cooking apples in the furnace!
3 Obtaining Obsidian Easily You can get obsidian easily. But before that you need lava and water. Then you make it an item from the crafting table. Then take a look at the photo below!
I'm out of ideas to inform you. And I'm not allowed to write more than this! /function speedrun!


If there are bugs, reset your cellphone or restart your game!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16



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