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Deathswap Ultimate! 💀 (Death Swap)

Deathswap Ultimate! 💀 (Death Swap)
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Based on the original game by Sethbling this version of Deathswap can be added to any world and played with an infinite amount of players! You must try to defeat the other players by setting a trap so when you swap positions they die. Last to survive wins! 

This showcase video sums up the features of the pack (V1.0.0) and includes a trailer for the addon! Recommend you give it a watch:

Huge shoutout to all my friends who helped bug test! You guys are the best :D
By default, you swap every 5 minutes. You can change your team by stepping on the appropriate carpet in the lobby and you can then clicking the start button to begin. The countdown gives you a message in the last 10 seconds, at 30 seconds and at each minute. Everything you need to know is covered in the short video above. It explains how to change the countdown and also admin commands which you can use - don't worry no commands need to be typed when using the addon. It can just be used to alter the timing of the countdown or to end the game early.

Update V2.0

This showcase video covers all the changes/bug fixes in V2.0 in detail:

Main Changes and Bug Fixes in V2.0:

  • There is now a chest in the lobby (Charlie Chest) and any items you put into it will be given to all players when you start the game
  • There is a Deathswap sidebar which lists how many people are online, how many spectators or joined players there are AND shows the number of seconds left before the next swap (this is only if you have the countdown enabled in the behaviour pack options) See below image.
  • There is a command block which provides credits and instructs you on how to play the game and covers the features of the pack.
  • Other minor changes
Bug Fixes:

  • Players with lower-end devices could be put in an unloaded chunk and die from fall damage as their resistance runs out before the world has loaded. (It now ensures you are teleported to the ground and you now have 30 seconds of resistance instead of 15 seconds. You also now get teleported within 8 chunks so assuming your render distance is above that you shouldn't have issues loading chunks around the lobby anyway)
  • Players who have died could spam the start button which would spam an error message into the chat and annoy the players in the game
  • The lobby would sometimes fail to load in. This is partly due to the game not loading all the chunks around the player - however, you should find that you spawn on the lobby platform when generating a fresh world on a lower-end device. 
  • Other minor bug fixes

I also decided to record a development video of the addon (This is as of V1.0.0) so if this is something that interests you here ya go:

Any questions the best place to ask is on my discord server/youtube video rather than in the comments on MCPEDL as I don't check them as often as don't get notifications for them! Enjoy some screenshots! :D

(Just a reminder it works with infinite players)

(We used the emote from finding diamonds for the above screenshot to make their limbs appear separated. Muahahaha)

(If you make it to the nether you opponents are pretty much defeated already)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16



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