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Heavy Man [Changed Movement Addon]

Heavy Man [Changed Movement Addon]
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Don't you wish you were as heavy as a rock. Don't you wish you couldn't jump 1 block, don't you wish you sink in water. Well now you can, with this addon, you will hate moving forever. And I bet you will.

This addon is to add variety to Minecraft if you have started to get bored of regular Minecraft or other Minecraft challenges. This addon effects how you overall movement in this game. This addon requires you to think outside the box. This addon makes you use things like slabs and ladder and makes you think before you take action. This addon is a great addon to also play with friends, trying to work out situations and having a good friend can be a fun time with this. It us also a simple addon that can be easily added with other addons, as long as the other addons don't effect the player as well. The addon also doesn't effect other mobs, the addon only effects the player. So good luck and have fun trying to beat this challenge.


  • Fall slightly faster
  • Sink in water
  • Shorter jump
  • Take less knockback
  • Slowly float down when flying in creative
Me having to use slabs to climb blocks:
Me sunken to the bottom of the river not able to swim up:

Other Settings

There are multiple setting with this addon that allows you to pick the way you want to play the addon.
 below are the 3 setting of the addon you can pick between.


If you use the star discord server link (THANK YOU) click it link, you should be sent to join the discord, once you have you will be sent to the welcome channel and in the welcome channel, there will be a blue highlighted part named #games, click that and then find the game you want to download.
If you picked the regular link all you have to do is click the link and then press download.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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