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Scorching Heat Enchantment

Scorching Heat Enchantment
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Scorching Heat

With this enchantment you can melt the minerals instantly when mining the block. Find the enchanted books in mystical structures that will appear all over your world.
For iron ore, gold ore, ancient debris and wet sponges, use enchanted pickaxes.
For sand, red sand, clay and wet sponges, use enchanted shovels.
If you mine a clay block with the normal high-temperature shovel, you'll get 4 bricks. But if you mine a clay block with a silk touch high-temperature shovel, you'll get a block of terracotta.
Scorching Heat is a new enchantment for pickaxes and shovels that will turn them into high-temperature tools that can instantly melt minerals.
The original idea comes from the Astral Sorcery mod for Java Edition.

Add-On description:

To apply the enchantment to your tools you must first find the enchanted books.
You can find this books in two kinds of structures that will spawn in your world.

Nether Ship:

Find this ship navigating through the vast Soul sand valleys.
nobody knows its real origin...


Mysterious Cementery:

Hidden under the huge trees of the roofed forest, and among the abundant vegetation of the hot jungle, you can find mysterious cemeteries solemnly resting under the blue sky. If you look carefuly, you'll be able to find huge treasures...
Mysterious cementeries guide:
  • Find a cementery.
  • Find and activate the lever in the surface.
  • You'll find a hole in front of the central tree. Go down.
  • Break the Pandora's Cage and go up the ladders (survival).
  • Break the emerald block that will appear in the surface (survival).
  • Fight the decapitated ancient skeletons.

Decapitated Ancient Skeletons:

Ancient warriors who died in the worst imaginable ways.
Their souls have been trapped under the cold tombstones of mysterious cemeteries for centuries. Legends say that if you find a way to free them, they will reward you with an ancient power related to heat. They spawn in gruops of 6 in this structures.

Pandora's Cage:
It must not be broken or it will unleash a great evil...


To enchant your tools, combine a Scorching Heat Book with a normal pickaxe or shovel. They can be of any material, but if they are previously enchanted, they will lose that enchantments.
Use a crafting table or your inventory to do this process.
Once this process is done, you can add more enchantments to your tools with anvils or the enchantment table.

Known Bugs:

- Structures sometimes spawn with missing parts.
- Netherite pickaxes and shovels with scorching heat aren't immune to lava or fire.
- Efficiency and haste doesn't work with those tools.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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