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Terracotta Expansion

Terracotta Expansion
Addons for Minecraft PE
Have you ever wonder, a type of add-on that bring an awesome addition to Minecraft?
Here it is, Terracotta Expansion. An expansion type of add-on that focusing on biomes, mobs, and environment addition. While try to maintain the balance between every aspect of the game. Gather up your resources and travel to a new biomes, feed some new animals, and play with them. I’m very happy to introduce you some of the new stuff that are in this add-on,
Maple Forest

From falling leaves to maple trees, this is the new maple forest. A place where you can get fresh maple sap, you can turn them into a maple syrup too!
Deer will spawn on maple forest biome, they also spawn on taiga’s biome. If there’s a player or hyena nearby, It will run away. They can be breed using apple and sweet berries, make sure to take care the babies. Deer have a chance to turn into a zombie deer, there’s no way to cure them. It will drop leather (0 – 2) and beef (1 – 3).
Zombie Deer
Zombie deer will spawn on maple forest at night. Don’t forget that they also spawn on taiga’s biome. It’s a neutral mobs, they will attack you if you attack them first. There’s no way to cure them for now.
Maple Sap and Maple Syrup
So, how to make maple syrup ?
First of all, you’ll need a maple sap. Maple sap came from maple log, you need to cut them with an axe first. It has a chance to turn into a stripped maple log and if you lucky, it will turn into a stripped maple log with sap. Right click the stripped maple log with sap with glass bottle to get the maple sap. Put maple sap with some fuel in furnace, wait for a while and it will turn into a maple syrup.
Maple Pancake
This is the recipes for maple pancake, they are not place-able yet. It can restore up to 5 hunger points, pretty neat right.
Cherry Blossom
A gorgeous biome that you can explore. You can also encounter some Shifu, I mean red panda in cherry blossom biome!
Red Panda
Red panda will swamp on cherry blossom biome. You can feed/tame them with cherry blossom leaves, cherry, and hanging cherry blossom leaves.
Improved Swamp
A Swamp-ier swamp, I add some cool things that you can see on swamp biome.
Frog will spawn on swamp biome, they love to eat insect and bugs. Frog is a passive mobs, they don’t attack you at all. You can breed it using termites (Item). Frogs will attack spider, silverfish, termites, cave spider, and bee. It will drop frog’s leg (0 – 2), you can cook the frog’s leg into cooked frog’s leg. Eating them raw will have a chance to give you hunger and poison.
Crocodile will spawn on swamp biome, they are hostile mob. Crocodile like to swim around, they will attack player, cow, sheep, chicken, pig, and frog (baby crocodile). Crocodile will drop crocodile scales when grow up, this scales could be craft into an item. They can only be breed using frog’s leg. It’s hard to breed them.
Crocodile Scales Leggings
This is the recipes for crocodile scales leggings. It has the same mechanic as turtle helmet. Instead of giving you water breathing, it will give you slowness and strength. The durability is above leather leggings and below chainmail leggings.
Cattail acted like crops, it can be harvest. Cattail will drop cattail seeds. Cattail seeds have two uses, they can be craft into string in the crafting table or you can plant them on the grass, dirt, or farmland.
Wolffia (a type of duckweed)
Wolffia/Duckweed will have a purpose soon, you can obtain them by breaking it with shears. Eating wolffia will give you a poison or hunger.
Improved Mesa
A beautiful biome, I added some new feature to the mesa biome including new plant and animals.
Hyena is a neutral mob, they’ll attack deer, zombie deer, and sheep. Hyena will spawn on mesa, they also spawn on savanna at small chance. Hyena also have a trust system like fox. You can breed them with beef, mutton, and rotten flesh.
Vulture is a neutral mob, they’ll attack undead mobs and phantom. Vulture will spawn on mesa, there is also other variant on desert biome. It will drop bones (0-2), rotten flesh (0-2), and feather (0-3).
Improved Savanna
Elephant and termite, also termite mount. These are the things that you will see on savanna.
Elephant is a neutral mobs, it loves to eat vegetables, fruits, and termite nest. It will run away from bees. You can saddle them and give it a chest to store your stuff. It would be awesome to go to an adventure with elephant. It will drop leather (0-6). You can breed them with fruits and vegetables.

Termite is a passive mobs, they don’t attack you. It will run away from villager, illager, irongolem, and player. Termite will eat some type of woods, it will drop sawdust after eating and make it into a termite nest. Termite will drop termite item (0-1), you can also cooked them into cooked termite. Eating them raw will give you hunger at small chance. You can breed termite with sawdust.
Agouti (caves)
Agouti spawn from y62 –> y10. Agouti’s can be breed using leaves or termite (item). They will run away from red panda. Agouti’s can also eat (break) your crops. Agouti will drop rabbit meat (0-1) and rabbit hide at small chance (0-1).
List of mobs that required difficulty from easy -> hard to spawn (1.0.2+),
 - Crocodile
- Elephant
- Hyena
- Vulture
- Zombie deer
List of mobs that could spawn if the difficulty set to peaceful (1.0.2+),
- Agouti
- Deer
- Frog
- Red panda
- Termite
You can use (/function all_terracotta_expansion_block) to give all Terracotta Expansion blocks,
- Terracotta Expansion, is copyrighted (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International). ALL RIGHT RESERVED
- Please give a credit :)
- Thank you to anyone who has support me all along,
- Thank you Villager BS#3291 for helping with the elephant ideas,
- Thank you to anyone who help me with suggestions.
- Warden Replicas
- Goat Replicas
- Furniture Moreniture


-    Install through .mcpack
1. Download the files both RP and BP,

2. Open the .mcpack and it should open your Minecraft,

3. Activate both RP and BP pack.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.201



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