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Shakes Addon BETA

Shakes Addon BETA
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This addon adds 5 shakes in minecraft and you can drink it even on creative mode and this addon is just in BETA Stage and there are few issues you may encounter

There are 5 shakes you may try to see and you can sip it while you're play in creative or on survival(not really good for survival gameplay) 
This addon was made by RMPlaysMC YT
There are five shakes to try inside in Minecraft
  1. Cherry Vanilla Shake
  • Nutrition: 2
  • Saturation: Low
2. Milk Shake
  • Nutrition: 2
  • Saturation: Low
3. Milk Tea
  • Nutrition: 2
  • Saturation: Low
4. Ube Shake
  • Nutrition: 2
  • Saturation: Low
5. Taro Shake
  • Nutrition: 2
  • Saturation: Low
Since this addon is on BETA yet you can suggest me even Improvements, New items or etc..
Here are some snapshots
Since There's a bug on Minecraft 1.16.210 I think it works better on the lower versions of minecraft

How to obtain:

You can get those in creative inventory 
or via command /function get/allshakes


Make sure you're follow the instructions
  1. Wait for 5 seconds
  2. Read an Articles for 10 seconds and close
  3. Download Both Resources and Behavior Pack
  4. Import it in Minecraft..
  5. Enjoy
Make sure you enable these experimentals:
  1. Holiday Creator Features
  2. Additional Modding Capabilities

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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