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Chested Loot Generator v1.0.2 (New Custom Loot Templates)

Chested Loot Generator v1.0.2 (New Custom Loot Templates)
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Generating a chest of loot has never been easy, until now! This is an addon that can help you generate chests of loot that you would normally find in structures such as Desert Temples, Villages, Strongholds, and all other existing structures in the game.

With this addon, you can generate loot chests that are found in every naturally-generated structure in Minecraft. It makes use of the game's predefined loot tables and chest generation ability, and does not involve commands. Provided that you have knowledge of loot tables and editing NBT data, you can generate a chest with your own custom loot table with it, too.

How does it work?

First, install the addon (obviously) as you would with any other behavior pack, and enable it in your world (Activate Cheats must be enabled).
Next, place a block (it doesn't matter what block it is) on where you want your chest to be, then place the Structure block on top of it.
Type /function chestloot/help[page number] to choose from a list of loot chests. There are a total of 139 (including the 4 templates) in the addon, and which structure they are found in is self explanatory if you look at their names.
Next, set the Structure Block to Load Mode and type the name of your chosen loot chest (it is important that you set the Structure Block to Load Mode before typing in the name, due to a game bug that may require you to reinstall the addon). Here, I have chosen end_city_treasure, a chest found in End Cities.
Finally, click the Load button. The block you placed the Structure Block on should be replaced by a chest containing the loot. If you know how to mess around with Structure Blocks, you can use them to rotate the chests or even place them in another position other than under it.

Entity Loot

Update 1.0.1 adds the ability to generate chests containing entity loot. Now you can see what the drop of any mob in the game is, inside the generated chest. However, you may find that some chests that are generated can be empty sometimes, due to certain entity drops needing to have a certain event to happen, such as the mob being killed by the player with a Looting enchantment. You can find a list of the new entity loot chests by typing /function chestloot/help2.

Templates for custom loot

Update 1.0.2 adds templates if you want to create your own chest with custom loot. The templates can be found inside the addon folder, and under the loot_tables folder. There are currently 4 templates (the number of templates can change in the future given enough feedback). With the addition of templates, you can even generate a chest that contains custom items from another addon now (provided that you modify the templates to generate them in the first place), pretty cool right?
"But how do I create the custom loot tables!?" you might say. The templates here are the loot tables themselves, and you can edit them using a text editing software, do not try to rename the templates because the addon won't work. Unfortunately I cannot explain all the thingamajigs here, but the internet can. You can go watch DanzRobzProbz' video here which can hopefully help you (also go subscribe to him, he's a great creator :D).
You must only modify the template .json files, do not try to mess with the other files (most importantly the .mcstructure files) if you do not know much about them, as it could break the addon and you might have to reinstall it. I recommend the bridge. addon editor when editing the templates to create the custom loot tables, as it could speed up the process (it includes an autocomplete function, too), but editing should be fine with any other text editor if you know much about JSON syntax.
Once you've edited the templates open Minecraft and get a Structure Block, set it to Load mode, type the name of the template you've edited without the .json part and click Load. The chest generated should then contain the items you've put into the custom loot table you made.


This addon is semi-compatible with versions lower than 1.16, all the way until 1.13, and works with all devices. (you may find some issues using it in versions 1.13 and above due to the loot tables containing 1.16 exclusive items)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16



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