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Tonk Addon

Tonk Addon
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Tanks are cool. This was actually a suggestion from one of my friends, so here it is.
I added tanks to Minecraft. They are fully tamable and rideable, and are controlled with iron ingots.
Well, really, they are actually smol tonks.
This is a Smol Tonk. This species can't be found in the wild (yet). The tonks consist of 2 gray treads, a turret (they are too smol to shoot anything), a hatch, and the main body.
A tonk is no bigger than a slab. Here is a comparison of a pig vs a tonk.
Above is another tonk. Tonks mainly feed off of iron ingots, which are used to tame and breed them. They also come to you if you hold iron ingots.
This is a picture of a Tonk family. How cute.
That is a baby Tonk. Baby tonks, of course, cannot be tamed. Instead, you can grow them with iron nuggets. They will follow you with iron nuggets in hand.
When a Tonk is tamed, you can put a saddle on it to ride it. By using an iron ingot, you can make the Tonk go in the direction you are looking. By using the iron ingot (LT, Left click), you can make the Tonk go faster.
Tonks have 200 health, or 100 hearts, which makes them a reliable mount to go with you on your travels. Just make sure you have some spare iron, or a furnace, pickaxe, and coal.
Don't want your Tonk leaving you? Put it on a lead to keep it safe!
Tonks are completely new mobs. They do not replace any of the mobs that currently exist in Minecraft.
(Next update will make Tonks survival friendly)

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.200



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