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Havoc Biplane (Drops TNT!)

Havoc Biplane (Drops TNT!)
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A biplane created as a means for transportation and destruction. This add-on is complete with tilt and propeller animations. Deploy TNT by dropping it from your inventory (hit "q" for pc).

This is a great add-on for exploring and destroying! The biplane has propeller and tilt animations. To enter the biplane, right click (or tap on the “Fly” button that will appear when you’re near it in PE). Walking forward will make the biplane accelerate, and by looking left, right, up, or down you will make the biplane adjust its direction. To drop TNT simply just throw it out of your inventory while seated in the biplane. The amount of TNT dropped depends on how fast you can hit "q" (on pc). For the crafting recipe all you need is 2 coal and 5 iron blocks. 

Here is a video demonstration that also shows the crafting recipe. There is a direct link in the description:
Crafting Recipe:

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201



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