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Human Addon v1.8 (Revamp Update)

Human Addon v1.8 (Revamp Update)
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The latest update for the Human Addon has dropped, including a revamped skin system, allowing for 1,664 different skins across all humans, a revamped upgrade system (now called Fighters), as well as a revamped scheduling system that allows humans to live in villages and sleep in beds.

Introducing the Human Addon! What does it do? It adds Humans (also known as Steve) into the game as a mob. Of course there's other humans surviving in your world, you just haven't come across them yet, until now.  
Some of you may know that humans used to be in a very very early version of the game. I wanted to add them back, while keeping them at least a bit primitive like they once were.
A new update has dropped, and it changes (almost) everything! The skin system has been completely revamped to allow for 1,664 different skins across all humans. The upgrades have been completely revamped and are now called fighters. The scheduling system for most humans has been completely revamped, allowing them to live in villages and sleep in beds. Check out the SPAWNING, FIGHTERS, PROFESSIONS and SCHEDULE sections below for detailed info.
I have also created a discord where you can suggest features, vote on polls, leave feedback, report bugs and get a behind-the-scenes look on all the things I make for Minecraft. Scroll below to the download links for the invite to the discord server.

Here's a video showing off all the new features-
The Human can be found naturally spawning pretty much anywhere on the surface of the world. They can spawn in herds of up to five. They also spawn with a tool about 75% of the time, which also can be enchanted.  
With the advanced skin system within the addon, the base humans can have up to 512 different skins.
Taming allows you to get a more advanced human, the follower. To get a Follower, you must give the base human two sapphires, one to go from a human to a follower, then from a follower to a tamed follower. He will follow and protect you like most other tamed mobs. He has an inventory when clicked on and he will automatically pick up items that he walks over.
He will also sometimes equip gear, but that seems to be very buggy at the moment, so don't expect it to be perfect.
A major item that you will need to get the full use out of your follower is the Ordering Rod, which you can craft like this.
The Ordering Rod can change the follower into four different tamed modes. You can cycle through each one by putting the rod in a crafting interface.
You must click the Follower with the Ordering Rod in order for it to work. Here are the four different modes-
ATTACK- The follower will follow you, seek out targets and try to kill anything that you attack or anything that attacks you. He will also equip armor in this mode.
DEFEND (default)- The follower will not seek out targets, but will attack anything you attack or anything that attacks you. However, if any hostile mob gets too close to the Follower, he will attack it.
SETTLE- The follower will not move which is good if you want to keep them in one place. He will not defend you if you get attacked and he will not attack things you attack. The only reason he will move is if he himself is attacked.
DISMISS- The follower will do his own thing, good if you want him to just stay in the general area. If there is a bed or village nearby, he will become an inhabitant and dwell there. He will leave you alone and not follow you, but if something attacks you, he will defend you, then return to wandering around. He will pickup items he comes across as well.
If you decide to give a sapphire to a human with a profession, you can only use the SETTLE and DISMISS commands on him. It's good to keep him on settle if you want him to run a shop and not run away.
There is also a new item you can use to change the skin of changed followers and professions. You can use the Skin Tunic on any tamed human, the crafting recipe is below.
Humans can sometimes be found inhabiting structures. Below is a list of what you can find.
HOUSES- These are basic houses containing a basic human. There are two variants for the plains, spruce and desert biomes.
FORGE- This is the only way you can get either the armorsmith, the toolsmith and the weaponsmith. These structures spawn in the snow biomes. They contain decent loot as well as some sapphire armor.
FISHERMAN'S HUT- This structure spawns along rivers and beaches and will contain a fisherman.
LIBRARY- This structure spawns in lukewarm forests (i.e. birch forests, regular forests, flower forests, etc.) These contain great loot, all the bookshelves you need for an enchanting table, a librarian and an artist.
SHEPHERD HOUSE- This structure spawns in plains and savannas. It has four different colored sheep, a shepherd, a basement-- an overall great starting house.
RESOURCE HOUSE- This structure spawns almost everywhere. This two-story house is one of the best that this addon has to offer, boasting good loot as well as three professions, being the miner, digger and lumberjack.
OBSERVATORY- This structure spawns in most places. It includes a cartographer, a cartography table and some loot, including a map that could take you to another structure or some treasure.
By giving a human a certain item, you can turn him into a fighter, a type of human tailored specifically for advanced combat. They will dwell in nearby villages and protect those living in them. Taming them will allow them to have an inventory and pickup items they find. From left to right, they are the Juggernaut, Knight, Archer and Guard.
Archer (bow)- Overall great ranged combat. Patrols outside village at all times.
Knight (iron sword)- Fastest among the fighters. Patrols inside village during the day, and outside village during the night. Can switch between melee and ranged modes.
Juggernaut (iron chestplate)- Slow but best armor with knockback resistance. Stays within village bounds.
Guard (crossbow)- Best range among fighters. Patrols inside village during the night, and outside village during the day. Can switch between melee and ranged modes.
Humans with professions will be able to trade with you, their currency is Sapphires. Sapphires can be obtained through trading as well as through the ore.
You can find Sapphire Ore between the y-coordinates of 90 and 100, so it's probably best that you head to the mountain biome if you want to get this ore.
There are many different new gears within the addon, including the Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Studded gears.
Emerald gear is almost as strong as iron and highly enchantable. Rubies can only be found in chests in certain structures and ruby gear is comparable to diamond. Sapphire gear is basic but good enchantability. Studded gear is as strong as iron and cannot be enchanted, it is crafted by combining leather and chainmail armors in a crafting table.
Professions function the same way as upgrades. Instead of employing a strong defensive type of human, you may prefer to hire someone to strengthen your economy and broaden your choices of trade and what you have access to. Professions refresh their trades every day and night cycle, making them different than villagers. They can dwell in villages and are a great way to put those sapphires you have to use. You can read how to get these professions below.
Lumberjack (iron axe), Miner (iron pickaxe), Digger (iron shovel)
Farmer (iron hoe), Fisherman (fishing rod), Shepherd (shears)
Weaponsmith, Toolsmith, Armorsmith (only obtainable at forges)
Priest (totem of undying), Enchanter (enchanting table), Librarian (book)
Stonemason (golden shovel), Artist (flower pot), Electrician (redstone torch)
Oceanologist (trident), Collector (ruby), Cartographer (compass)
Tamed followers and professions have a schedule they use when they are dwellers in the village. At noon, if there is a village bell, they will gather around it and "mingle" or talk to each other.
During the night, they will find a bed if available and sleep in it until morning.
=== TERMS OF USE ===
-You may modify this pack for your own use, but you may not post it or share it
-You may "borrow" code from this pack as long as it's not straight-up copied. Please make something of your own
-You cannot post the download links anywhere and must use the MCPEDL link when you want to share this addon
-You cannot plagiarize!! That's a given
That's all I have for this update. Please join the discord if you want to help me make these addons. You can get a behind-the-scenes look at everything I do as well as suggest features and all that good stuff.


Click one the links. Validate that you're not a robot. Click free access with ads. Click discover interesting articles, wait 10 seconds, then click the X in the corner. Then click continue to be redirected to the download. Make sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay in your world or not all features will work. Play on 1.16.100 or above

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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