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SCP Unity Addon V3.1 (COLLAB!)

SCP Unity Addon V3.1 (COLLAB!)
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Did you ever think an SCP unity addon would not be added? Well you are wrong! This includes 19 modeled unity SCP’s And 5 humans to spice up your Minecraft world! There are also unity blocks! The only way this addon will work is turning on experimental gameplay. If you use this in videos please credit. This addon took some time! The links are there! If you need any help importing the addon please comment on my video! Thank you! kaiboi39 and white cat and alpha is helping me with models!


There are a lot of unity SCP’s even an scp that you could choose 3 colors! Look down to see all of their abilities and images

SCP-173-U || Euclid || The Unity Sculpture 

  • A sculpture which moves around very fast! Watch out. It has a lot of health!
  • Effect: Weakness
  • Euclid SCP
  • A moving stone sculpture!

SCP-066-U || Euclid || Eric’s Toy 

  • A weird red thing with eyes! Will make a loud noise when hit. Does not do any damage
  • Effect: None
  • Euclid SCP
  • What is that? Weird!

SCP-772-U || Euclid || Giant Parasitoid Wasps 

  • 3 Wasps that come in 3 colors! Includes Red, Blue And Yellow Wasps! They attack.
  • Effect: Nausea
  • Euclid SCP
  • Giant Wasps!


SCP-025-FR-U || Euclid || Deadly Silence 
  • Shh! They are quiet! (They do not make any noise (includes no step noises)
  • Effect: Wither
  • Euclid SCP
  • I see something...

SCP-120-U || Safe || Teleporting Paddling Pool 

  • It teleports you to a random place!
  • Effect: None
  • Safe SCP
  • Where am I?

SCP-553-U || Safe || Crystalline Butterflies 

  • Flying weird butterflies that need a smaller container.
  • Effect: None
  • Safe SCP

SCP-207-U || Safe || Cola Bottles

  • You can drink these when you kill the,
  • Effect: Wither And Speed
  • Safe SCP
  • This tastes delicious!

SCP-1079-U || Safe || Dr. Wondertainments Bubblebath BonBons!

  • Eating too much may lead to death.
  • Effect: Wither And Slowness
  • Safe SCP
  • Why are these harming me?

SCP-999-U || Safe || Tickle Monster 

  • This SCP May wander around! comes with cosmetics!
  • Effect: None
  • Safe SCP
  • Nice SCP!

SCP-009-U || Euclid || Red Ice 

  • This SCP will turn you into ice!
  • Effect: Slowness, Wither
  • Euclid SCP
  • Ow!

SCP-409-U || Keter || Contagious Crystal 

  • This SCP will turn you into a crystal!
  • Effect, Poison
  • Keter SCP
  • This hurts. 

SCP-745-U || Euclid || The Headlights

  • These creatures might be scary if you find them.
  • Effect, Slowness
  • Euclid SCP
  • ...

SCP-049-U || Euclid || The Plague Doctor

  • He can infect villagers.
  • Effect: Slowness
  • Euclid SCP
  • huh?

SCP-939-U || Keter || With Many Voices

  • They come in 3 variations!
  • Effect: None
  • Keter SCP
  • What!
  • More SCPs are included too 


Cosmetic wet floor sign to use in your unity map!

Table, SCP-999 Bowl With Candy, SCP-999 Bowl With Chocolate Milk, Plant, Yellow barrel, Blue barrel, Red barrel.

SCP-387 Lego Bricks



5 Safe SCP labels, 6 Euclid SCP labels, 1 Keter SCP labels.

Cosmetics Commands


Items And Blocks: 

Type this command to get all the blocks!

Thanks Matt! (Credits to him)
Video made by me: 


If you have iOS 13 then make sure you have files and documents by readle! Download the add-on then go to files. Click the three dots then move it to documents by readle! After you do that go in documents by readle and then find the add-on and click the three dots again. Share it to Minecraft and now you are done!

Just Click The Media Fire Link To Start The Installation


if you have iOS 12 then just click the link download it and go to files and share it to Minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101
  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)
  • 1.14



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