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Borgy's Mobs
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Borgy's Mobs is an addon that simply adds a variety of creatures to your world, all of which have a variety of abilities and uses that make them
interesting and unique.
Before downloading, please turn on commands, holiday creator features, and additional modding capabilities in your world.
Please note that when distributing the addon, only use the mcpedl page or the github related links. You can also make a video about this addon but don’t make it a dumb clickbaity one.


Headcrabs are small parasitic creatures that will latch onto humanoid mobs. From there they will take over their brains and use their bodies in order to attack anything they can find as a source of food. For now, this includes players, villagers, and piglins.
Currently, they spawn in plains biomes, desert biomes, and undergrouns.
If you don't want to get turned into a headcrab zombie, you need to wear a helmet. Speaking of headcrabs, why doesn’t Gordon instantly turn into a zombie when he gets attacked by a headcrab?


Houndeyes are pack hunters which utilize a shockwave attack to attack everything surrounding them, except for other houndeyes of course. They mainly attack villagers and players. Their shockwave attacks can deal more damage depending on how many houndeyes are nearby, dealing a maximum of 20 damage with 4 houndeyes in a group.
However, it's possible to tame them with all forms of cooked meat. Unfortunately their shockwave attacks still affect their owners, so be wary!
Currently, they spawn in plains and desert biomes.


Bullsquids are territorial creatures that will attack anything in sight, including their own kind. They have two attacks, a powerful melee attack with their tail, and a spit attack.
Currently, they spawn in swamp biomes.


Icthyosaurs are aquatic predators that will hunt nearly anything nearby except other Icthyosaurs. They can be tamed with all kinds of raw meats so that you can ride them while underwater, plus you can utilize their powerful bites by simply pressing jump!
Currently, they spawn in all ocean biomes.


Bakunawas are exotic aquatic dragons that swim in the oceans in day, hunting anything they can find, including their own kind. By nightfall, they come out of the water to hunt for anything they find on the surface. They have a bite attack and a breath attack, both of which are equally as powerful.
Currently, they can spawn in all ocean biomes.
If you want to tame a Bakunawa for yourself, you need some powerful gear to kill them for a 12.5 % chance to get an egg. You then need to submerge the egg in water in order to hatch it. They take 8 minutes to hatch.
Once you manage to hatch an egg, you can simply feed it all kinds of meat to tame them and make them grow up faster. Once they grow up, you can control them by looking up to ascend, looking down to descend, and jumping to switch between stay in place and flying around.
Another thing is that you can make them use their breath attack by utilizing the Bakunawa Staff. In order to craft such an item, you need to obtain a Bakunawa Heart. Bakunawa hearts can be obtained by killing Bakunawas and they will always have one.
Another use for the Bakunawa Heart is that, when you give it to a Bakunawa, it will gain regeneration and give riders Conduit Power for 8 minutes!
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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