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Fake Players Add-on

Fake Players Add-on
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Do you feel alone in Minecraft? This add-on is for you, it adds two "players" to venture with you, surviving and fighting monsters, so your game will get a lot more fun.

The two "players" that will play with you after installing the add-on will be Alex and Steve, Alex is an archer and always has his bow in hand and Steve who fights using a sword.

Hostilemobs treat them like ordinary players, attack them just as they would attack you.
They have some behaviors that resemble real players:
  • They run away from creepers and raveges
  • Open and close doors
  • Attack some hostile mobs
  • They go inside houses
  • They fight with mobs at night
  • They drink potion
  • Pickup items on the floor
More behaviors will be added in the future such as taming animals.
And also you can trade with them using emeralds, but it is still limited to the same features as the wandering trader.

Turn into zombies when killed by zombies and  into husk when killed by husks.
It's hard for a zombie to kill one of them, but it's not impossible

Healing the fake friend:
  • You can cure a zombie using a weakness potion and a golden apple (like zombie villager)
  • Use the eggs in the inventory to spawn, they are also spawn naturally in some biomes.
How to tame:
  • You can tame using a gold nugget or an iron nugget

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.14
  • 1.13



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