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Fish´s Undead Rising (Bedrock) (First Beta Phase)

Fish´s Undead Rising (Bedrock) (First Beta Phase)
Addons for Minecraft PE
The addon is a java mod that was ported to bedrock with the permission of the original author who is fish0016054, the addon adds a variety of mobs, items and blocks that we will see in each update of the addon.

Author's permission:


Piranha: the piranha is a neutral mob that only attacks peaceful mobs such as: cows, sheep and other peaceful mobs, this mob will be found mainly in swamps and jungle.
Ptera: The ptera is a mob that will only attack players who are within its reach, it will come down from the skies to attack you, it appears in the desert and jungle biome, the desert has a variant in its skin.

Swarmer: The swarmer is a hostile mob that will attack anyone it sees, it will not attack its own species and the pirahna, it appears in the jungle and swamp biomes.

Cordy: cordy is a hostile mob, its behavior is a bit similar to the zombie, sometimes it can appear with weapons or another item, cordy has a special ability to give you poison in a radius of 2 blocks so it is dangerous, it has a Bright blue mushroom variant, appears in the swamp and cave biome.
Refriger: The refriger is a hostile mob that slows down when it hits you so you have to avoid it, if you activate the experimental mode the refriger will appear with a weapon that is currently bug but will be solved in the next beta, it appears in frozen biomes.

Sludge Lord: The sludge lord is a hostile mob that will attack the player and the villager, it has several forms of attack, it is capable of summoning lil'sludge, it appears in the swamp biome.
Lil'Sludge: lil'sludge is a hostile and tame mob, it will only appear if it is summoned by the sludge lord or by the pestilence wand.


Pestilence Wand: This wand is made with materials that the sludge lord drops, but at the moment there is no crafting, this wand invokes a tame lil'sludge, also it will give you an item that will help you tame it once you give it to it, when 60 seconds pass of what was invoked will die even if you haven't tamed it.


Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.201


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