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Three Headed Creeper

Three Headed Creeper
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Three Headed Creeper is a boss mob which has a strong ability and has a big hit points. All monsters in this add-on will attack golems and villagers and players. But this monster is not alone his has his minions. But also you have a weapons to fight . This monster is want to invade the planet and also hi stole some Minecraft creatures such as Creepers and Spiders to help him to invade your planet. 

The first monster:Three Headed Creeper

THREE HEADED CREEPER is a giant monster version of creeper.This is the main character of this add-on.This monster had a ability to throw a large fire ball at you at can summon Normal Creepers. 
Damage: Depends on the fire ball impact
It  doesn't replace an entity you cannot seen this in the world
Abilities:Can Throw fire balls,Can summon creepers
Weakness: AntiCreeper Bow
Has own spawn egg
Just type in the command:/summon monster:three_headed_creeper
Can summon Normal Creepers

Creepers are suicide attacker.Creeper has a red eyes.Creepers are summoned from the three Headed Creeper.
Replaces the creeper (retextured only the eyes) 
Ability:can explode
WEAKNESS: AntiCreeper Bow
Replace as creeper so it means that spawnable in the world
Just type in command:/summon Minecraft:creeper
Head Creeper it's just a head of creeper but has a the same ability with creeper.But Sometimes can hit you.
Damage:Melee sometimes it will explode
Ability:Melee and explode
Has a own spawn egg you cannot seen this on your world
Weakness: AntiCreeper Bow
It doesn't replace an entity 
Just type in the command:/summon monster:head_creeper
Creeper spiders are like the normal spiders.The only difference is the color of skin.This Creeper spider Is not strong and cannot explode.
Replace as spider (retextured the skin) so can spawnable in the world
Just type in command:/summon Minecraft:spider
Three Headed Creeper the second is the second version of Three Headed Creeper. Has a four heads .snowgolems can turn Three Headed Creeper to three Headed Creeper the second so don't let the snowgolem see the Three Headed Creeper.Or The Three Headed Creeper will getting stronger than the old one but this this monster has a lower health than the first one.But this Monster can summon 20 spider creepers.

Health:Has a lower health than the first one (1000)
Damage: depends on the fire ball impact
ABILITY:Can Throw many fire balls and can summon 20 Creeper spiders
Weakness: AntiCreeper Bow
Has a own spawn egg you cannot seen this in your world
It doesn't replace an entity
Just type in command:/summon monster:the_headed_creeper_thesecondstage

Retextured items the retextured items can found in the inventory and there's no need to type in command
These items are 
  • AntiCreeper Bow
  • Elytra
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.201



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