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MinerCraft V1 Beta First Released

MinerCraft V1 Beta First Released
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Don't you have a torch? Or maybe you didn't forget to craft, well this addon can help you, with mining helmets you can see in the dark plus it still has night vision power

This addon have 10 mining helmets that  will help you
All mining helmets are Craftable 
Let's start...... need crafting table and coal also redstone

Mining helmets

1.Leather Mining Helmet (remake) 

This mining helmet is easy to craft, you need a leather, torch, and redstone torch

2.Chain Mining Helmet
It is also easy to craft like leather mining craft, items you will use .... String, torch and redstone torch

3.Iron Mining Helmet

Ok, this mining helmet is just a little hard to craft, items you need iron, torch, and redstone torch

4.Golden Mining Helmet

Ok, this mining helmet is hard to craft, items you need gold, torch, and redstone torch

5.Diamond Mining Helmet

Find diamond ore in deep caves, and mine it. And then you craft it with the diamond mining helmet. Items needed, diamond, torch, and redstone torch

6.Netherite Mining Helmet

Make a portal first and go to the piglins home and destroy the netherite block, then go to the portal again, and craft the netherite block. Items you needed:netherite ingot, torch, and redstone torch. 

Oops, this Mining Helmets information is not finished yet because there are more skin heroes mining helmets
Skin heroes mining helmets

1.Iron man mining helmet
I can't show you this picture yet, because I forgot to screenshot it so you'll only know the information
Do you like iron man in marvel? Well this mining helmet has iron man skin, if .... You like iron man 👌
Crafting (Lol I also forgot to screenshot the crafting) I'll screenshot it in the app I'm using.

2. Deadpool Mining Helmet 

Deadpool seems to be everyone's favorite. Well I'm one of them too. So I made a deadpool mining helmet.

3.Black Panther Mining Helmet 

Mukanda Forever!!!!!! (scream) 
(Lol I can't think of any more information on this Mining helmet 😂) 

4.Zombie Mining Helmet

This mining helmet is not for pretending to be a zombie. I just did it with my idea.

Another information

All of my mining helmets are craftable. That's why this addon is Survival friendly

And all my mining helmets have night vision effects.

Nor does it get as epic as other addons
If you have a question, just tweet on my twitter or comment here, about how can I pass in is already there on my website, just check
You can also use a stonecutter (just use the iron ingot)


Thats it..... Maybe my addon helped you again like the mostly lucky biomes in minecraft addon
Open experimental gameplay (except for creation of biomes) 


You will direct to my official website, click the button. You will direct to

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.200



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