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Unity AntiCheat | UAC v2.1

Unity AntiCheat | UAC v2.1
Addons for Minecraft PE
UAC is an anticheat designed for Minecraft Bedrock edition realms or servers ran by BDS. This has been tested on two anarchy realms for the course of 6 months and there was never a false positive.
===== UNITY ANTI-CHEAT =====
  • Customizable
  • No false positives
  • No command blocks
  • No ticking areas
  • Simple and easy to use 
Features (Toggleabled)
  • Item Commands
When enabled, will allow players to use commands via dropping items.
By naming an item one of the following: home - spawn - setspawn - stats
and then dropping the item will allow the player to perform the corresponding commands.
  • Auto Lag Clear
This does not work on a timer. This instead works on an entity count. When the number of entities (hostile mobs and dropped items) reaches 100, UAC will do a Lag Clear Automatically by removing those entities. This is good for TPS control.. The current amount of entities that are present can be seen when going into creative mode
  • Anti-Frostwalker
This prevents players from using the frost walker enchantment. The frost walker enchant has a history of tanking a realm's TPS, and in some cases like in an anarchy realm environment, can be modified by third-party clients to crash a realm instantly. UAC gives the option to prevent this by forcing players to wear boots that they cannot drop/move in their inventory.
  • Time played Tracker
This will keep track of how long players have played on the realm. Their Time Played can be viewed by using the stats command on them. A play can also check their own time played, along with other stats by stopping an item called "stats" if Item commands are enabled.
  • Anti-Fly
If UAC detects a non-staff member using fly hacks, the player will be temporarily kicked from the realm. It acts as a good deterrent that will discourage players from flying around freely. However, it will also disable the elytra. This is useful for kitpvp realms and such.
  • Disable-Echests
UAC has the option to disable the use of ender chests.
  • Anti-CBE
This will prevent players from using the CBE (Command Block Exploit). This is a very dangerous exploit which players can use do perform the command in realms without the need to be the operator. However, this will disable the use of beehives/nests as well as all fish buckets.
  • Anti-Spawneggs
This prevents non-staff players from obtaining/using Spawn eggs in your realm.
  • Extra Lag Prevent
Should only be enabled in extreme cases, such as anarchy/factions realms. This does a number of things such as prevents wither spamming, teleports XP orbs to the player closest to it (so that they don't take up entity space), auto clears rotten flesh off the ground (as they do not have a crafting recipe) as well as other small methods of TPS control that won't be noticeable or have any big impact besides the methods stated.
  • Unobtainable Items Protection
If the item is not obtainable (Bedrock, barriers, end portal frames, fire tiles, etc..), it will be auto cleared from non-staff players if this module is enabled.
  • Auto Replace Bottom Bedrock Layer
This will automatically replace the bottom bedrock layer which can prove useful in some anarchy environments or minigames in the overworld. Just be aware that this will also do the same in every dimension. 
  • World Border (100k radius)
With this enabled, players that go beyond 100k blocks from spawn will be teleported back to spawn. Unfortunately, this world border is not a square, it's a circle. So if both coords read closer to 70100 it will also teleport you back. This is useful to keep your realm's world file size down. 
  • WorldSpawn Randomizer
This will randomize the realm's worldspawn point within a 1k radius from the center.
The current world spawn coords can be seen when going into creative mode.
  • Kill/Death Counter 
This is on by default, and cannot be toggled off. UAC will keep track of your kills and deaths as well as your current killstreak.
  • Useful tools/commands for staff members to use
UAC comes with commands for staff to use that can help with managing/moderating players. You can ban/unban, clear players' ender chests, see players' stats, and so much more.
  • Special effects/sounds apon player death
When a player dies, lightning will strike as well as a particle explosion followed with a cool sound effect.

When you join you'll be welcomed with a few messages along with being prompted on what the help command is. By performing the help command while having staff access, you'll see this message.

You will be able to toggle features within UAC by using the toggle command


By visiting the download link you'll be shown the addons we've made, along with UAC being the first at the top. If you need any help trying to use UAC, be sure to join the discord, as well as view the video that better showcases UAC in the links included.


Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201


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