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Andromeda Outrunner 1X Addon (Concept Car)

Andromeda Outrunner 1X Addon (Concept Car)
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Had some free time to burn, thought I revisit an old project I had that I never finished, that is this car concept! Introducing the Outrunner 1X from Andromeda, a wedge-style car design taking inspiration of cars from the 70's - 80's eras, improved and equipped with modern day ingenuity! Style of the past, ingenuity of the future.

•Car history

Due to the fact that this is a fictional concept car that I made for fun, there obviously isnt any real history about it. All I can say about this is that this was originally a project made during my first month or so making car addons, sometime between the releases of the Mitsubishi Lan Evo X and the original Mazda RX7FD addon. The project lasted for 3-4 days before being scrapped as limitations of my modelling skills at the time caused it to not look as I had hoped for and planned. Fast forward to the 22nd of March 2021, I decided to reopen the project and redo the model as I had found my leftover drawings and blueprints of it whilst I was cleaning my room and found my old notebook. And now, the car is finished and made as I had originally planned, I'd say even better than I had anticipated!

•Car specs

Yet again due to this being a fictional car, there isn't online specs about it and I don't have enough time to do full research and calculate advance info about the car such as drag coefficient and all that so here's some basic info and common specs that I propose when asked/given when talking about a car.
-Mid engine, RWD, 5-speed manual transmission, 2 seater sports car
-3.5l Turbocharged V6 engine
-281 lb.ft of torque
-341hp at 6400rpm
-Top speed of 181mph / 291kmh

•Car colors

Has 1 variant and a total of 3 colors.

Red   .... (forgot to take a pic of an "open popup headlights" for red, sorry bout that)


•Extra Images

Side view

Back view


Door Mechanism 2.0 + Popup Headlights Mechanism 2.0

In my previous addon that is the Dodge SRT Demon, I implemented my new door mechanism which allows you to open and close the doors as you please. For this addon, by using that technique and modifying it even more, I made it also possible for you to also turn the popup headlights on and off as you please!
When spawned, it will automatically spawn with the popups off..
1) To get in the car with the popups OFF, right click or hold the entity (make sure you're near the entity's shadow) to open the doors. Once the doors are open, right click/hold again to get in!
To close the doors, shift/crouch and right click/hold.

2) To get in the car with the popups ON, shift/crouch and right click/hold the car to turn the popup headlights on, then right click/hold the car to open the doors. Finally right click/hold again to get in!
To close the doors, shift/crouch and right click/hold.
To turn the popup headlights off, shift/crouch and right click/hold the car.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101
  • 1.16



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