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Ruby & Sapphire Addon

Ruby & Sapphire Addon
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Hello MC101 and I'm new to making addons so tell me what you think of this addon. Tell me what to improve so I could make my addons better! So here's what this addon is about!

This addon adds 2 new ores and new gemstones, that being Ruby and Sapphire. All recipes are simple and explained in the description below.


Ruby Ore

Sapphire Ore

These ores can be found naturally generated in caves in large numbers, and are tough to mine!


Ruby Gemstone
Sapphire Gemstone

These Gemstones can be used to craft their specific shiny blocks and a new item that i'll talk bout later.

New Gemstone Blocks:

Ruby Block
Sapphire Block

These shiny block are crafted by using 9 of their specific gemstones, 9 Rubies and Sapphires
New Item:
Ruby Carrot

This new item is crafted by 4 Ruby Gemstones and 1 Golden Carrot and basically works the same as the golden carrot but it can be consumed quickly.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.220 (beta)



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