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Cute Mob Model Addon (Bedrock Port) New Update!

Cute Mob Model Addon (Bedrock Port) New Update!
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Ever wanted minecraft mobs to look like anime girls? Today is now your day, This add-on transforms creatures from minecraft to anime girls from AT2's art and Yarr's Cute

if you want to participate you must need to join the discord server in the link below

There is many visuals to explore.
Pasive and Neutral (Outdated Image):

Hostile (Outdated Image):

This add-on adds new mobs to the game
Ghast Sister:

She has 20 health, She acts like a blaze but shoots ghast fireballs, And She only attacks players, she spawns the same way the ghast spawns.
I recommend you to use the behavior pack with the resource pack in your world
Using the cute mobs resource pack as a global resource pack is not recommended
You can join to our discord server here in this link


Things you can do and what you can't do:
Can do:
You can make fan models of any character in cute mob models styles in the discord server
You can review the add-on to your youtube but at least give me credit to the mcpedl link
Can't do:
You can't modify the Add-on files unless your a developer from this addon
You can't release an addon with my models on your addon
You can't give away mediafire links

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)



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